Lumber can be shipped up to 106" long plywood up to 30 x 60 or 36 x 48



Our shopping cart will not calculate an oversize package these charges are in addition to the shipping charges listed on your order form

Oversize determinations apply only to packages that you ship using UPS Ground and UPS Standard To Canada. Find out more about determining if your package is oversize and which oversize package conditions may apply.

Understanding Length and Girth
To determine if your package is oversize, you will need to measure two things:
  1. Length: the longest side of a package or object
  2. Girth: the distance completely around the package or object at its widest point perpendicular to its length
Use the chart below to determine whether Oversize rules apply.

Oversize Package Criteria Table
If Oversize rules apply, use the billable weight in the chart below to calculate the rate. If not, use the actual weight to calculate the rate.
Oversize Category
Package Measurements
Actual Weight
Billable Weight
Oversize 1 (OS 1)
Length and girth greater than 84 in. (213 cm) and not more than 108 in. (270 cm)
Less than 30 lb.
30 lb.
Oversize 2 (OS 2)
Length and girth greater than 108 in. (270 cm) and not more than 130 in. (330 cm)
Less than 70 lb.
70 lb.
Oversize 3 (OS 3) Includes Standard to Canada
Length and girth greater than 130 in. (330 cm) and not more than 165 in. (419 cm)
Less than 90 lb.
90 lb. (a Large Package Surcharge will be applied; see below)
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